New Play-Reading Festival

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2nd ROUND: April 21-23


About the New Play-Reading Festival:

Did you ever wonder how new plays are chosen for production? Here’s your chance to find out–and, if you wish, participate in the process!

In our New Play-Reading Festival, four brand-new plays for young audiences, chosen from  over 100 submitted works, will be read by professional and community artists in a casual setting. Following each reading, the entire family can participate in discussion of the work with our professional team. One of the four plays will be selected to become a fully mounted production in 2018! Bring the family for this unique theatre event!

Our finalists:

THE UNDERGROUND LIBRARY by Jon Keevy (South Africa) jon-keevy-photo-nardus-engelbrecht

Friday, April 21st at 7:30PM

Khanya wants more out of the world than distractions and boredom. She wants freedom, whatever that is. When Khanya and her best side-kick cross the paths of actual criminals she suddenly gets a lesson in what freedom really means. Featuring hackers, police, a Soweto samurai and her crazy family, Khanya’s story is short on answers and long on questions.

BOY SEES FLYING SAUCER by Mike Czuba  (Canada) mikemonkey

Based on a true and original story by Brian Dorscht

Saturday, April 22nd at 4:00PM

The play takes place in the 60’s when flying saucers were being spotted regularly; Dell Flying Saucer Magazine was a big seller, and kids in the neighborhood met once a week to discuss the latest sightings.

JUNGLE EXPLORERS by Josh Carpenter (New York)josh23e8x10

Saturday, April 22nd at 7:00PM

Eight-year-old Charlie’s family is going through a challenging time: in the last year his parents have separated, his grandfather has passed, and his grandma has moved into assisted living.  Is it any wonder that he’s trying to escape all of this by playing video games each day?  Jungle Explorers is the story of a family trying to find a way to move forward together, even though life is tearing them apart.

ALI’S BEES by Bruce Olav Solheim (California) bruce-olav-solheim

Sunday, April 23rd at 2PM

Ali, a young Iraqi Boy, loses his parents in the Iraq War and comes to live with his beekeeper grandfather in America.  Ali must learn to make new friends, deal with conflict and bullying, heal from his wartime trauma, and learn to play the strange American game of baseball.  Most importantly, he inherits his love of honey bees from his grandfather and takes on the mission of trying to help save them.


For further information, call our Box Office at (973) 347-4946

 Some of the Past New Play-Reading Finalists include:
The Box of Stories (2016 WINNER, Upcoming 2017 Main Stage Production) by J. S. Puller
The Book of D (2015 WINNER, 2016 Main Stage Production) by Cody Daigle-Oriens
And Then Came Tango (2014 WINNER, 2015 Main Stage Production) by Emily Freeman
The Secret Life of Hubie Hartzel  (2013 WINNER, 2014 Main Stage Production) by Susan Rowan Masters
City of Ember (2013) by Merissa Stewart
What We Lost Along the Way (2013) by Corrine Esme Glanville
Julie of the Wolves (2013) by Brian Guehring
With Two Wings (2012 WINNER, 2013 Main Stage Production) by Anne Negri
Lizzie Bright and Buckminster Boy (2012) by Joan Cushing
Convivencia (2012) by R. N. Sandberg
Theatre For Your Mother – The Little Red Riding Hood Show (2012) by Russell Davis