The Sand Box Series

The Sandbox Series is designed specifically for the pre-school to kindergarten aged audience, and will present three new works that allow for performer improvisation and a degree of audience participation. This interactive experience will meld the performing and teaching artistry of our professional staff. Shows will take place in our third floor studio before an ideal audience of no more than 50 and will last no longer than an hour in total. The first half hour will be a performance followed by a second half hour that will involve the audience in a “hands on” creative dramatics experience based on the theme of the performance.


Going to the Theatre

Conceived & Directed by Danny Campos
Tickets: $10 per ticket

A special day is planned for the entire family. We’re going to the theater! But what does that mean? Are we seeing a movie? How do you “act out” a story? Am I going to be scared when they turn the lights out? How do big people play “pretend”? And just who are Plink and Plunk?

These mysteries and more are solved as we introduce your child to the world of theater!

The Boy & The Box

Conceived & Directed by Stephen L Fredericks

Tickets: $10 per ticket

“Benjamin Boyd was a boy with a very big imagination….”, so begins the short story written by TGS founder and executive director Steve Fredericks. The tale focuses on a young boy who would rather play with a box and make it into something special than any toy found in the department store.

Cardboard is king in this “hands on” performance piece where the audience builds their own unique tale around, through and with a cardboard box!

Aaarrgh! The Pirate Play

Conceived & Directed by Lori B. Lawrence
Tickets: $10 per ticket

The salt wind in our face, the waves crashing our ship, the adventure of finding buried treasure and booty … this is the life of a pirate! Sail along with us as we form our crew and begin to plunder our way across the seven seas.

Why are pirates so much fun? We don’t know… they just aaarrgh!